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[WATCH] Fifth installment on IR's with Alidad Tash

Alidad Tash, Managing Director of 2NT8 Limited, joins Yanni Collins for the 5th instalment of this informative series on Integrated Resorts

In this instalment from Alidad Tash, the Managing Director of 2NT8 continues to focus on a variety of apects regarding the IR's, ranging from the prospect of further progress of IR's in Europe and the possible issues as to why this is not manifested, to the 'classic' IR's, and the ones that according to Tash, will have an enduring legacy. 

Tash briefly analyses the pop cultural aspect of IR's and what he believes essentially makes them become synonymous with enjoyment and entertainment, so much so that the gambling aspect of them really and truly becomes a relatively minor aspect, especially when compared to the multitude of other points of attractions of these establishments. 

Watch Alidad talk about IR's here: 


If you enjoyed this video, make sure to check out Alidad on a panel at SiGMA Virtual Summit, or check out his previous video instalment, and watch out for the next part of his informational series! 


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