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[WATCH] How to protect your casino and sportsbook database from cybercrime

IT specialist and cybersecurity expert at ParadoxWeb.com, Alexandre Ouaknine, discusses protecting your assets from cybercrime in SiGMA's Deep Tech series

Alexandre Ouaknine sits down with SiGMA in our Deep Tech series to uncover what he contends to be the biggest threat to the iGaming industry, hackers targeting your casino and sportsbook database. Ouaknine has been an active IT consultant for over 25 years.

DNS Cache poisoning attacks 

Are you aware of DNS Cache poisoning attacks? 34% of open resolvers are vulnerable! DNS Cache poisoning gives attackers the possibility of collecting the email addresses of thousands of your customers along with their payment information. Effects are heightened during a "pay day", as referred to in the gaming industry. This information can then be sold directly to your competitors or on the dark web.

Ouaknine outlines three methods to avoid this predicament:

  1. Use DNSSEC or Domain Name System Security which will digitally sign the records exchange with a DNS server.
  2. Use a registry log 
  3. Use multifactor identification 

Mitigating a cyber security attack

Additionally, he highlights a few ways you can mitigate an attack if it happens:

  • Avoid using an email address as a username for your client/player to log onto.
  • The system should automatically generate a random username for them when they sign up. This should be comprised of numbers, letters and special characters, and should never be altered.
  • While a password reset option is available, this should never be done with the client/player email address exclusively. It must, however, be backed by multifactor verification. 

Catch up with our SiGMA Deep Tech series every week on our YouTube channel. Alexandre is also featured on the latest SiGMA Magazine.

Watch the full episode to find out how to protect your data!


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