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[WATCH] "Tourism is the second largest industry in the country, and that's where Tourismo is positioned in the industry", Michael Herrera on SiGMA Pitch

CEO of Tourismo PH Michael Herrera joins our own Yanni Collins on Startup Spotlight to talk about his passion for travel and technology led to the creation of his company

SiGMA's Yanni Collins got together with Michael Herrera, the CEO of Tourismo PH, to spotlight the sixth of the SiGMA Pitch Startups which is coming out periodically on SiGMA News. SiGMA Pitch is an event by SiGMA which showcases over a hundred different startups and enables them to take the red seat and present their product to an environment surrounded by top investors and mentors helping them to create a good strong network.

Herrera starts by introducing himself saying way back in 2006 he was involved in tourism and provincial planning, he was commissioned by the government to study about tourism, where he noticed that tourism is the key to developing a city, simply because tourists bring external revenue. 

Tourism is the second largest industry in the country, and that's where Tourismo is positioned in the industry."

Watch Herrera talk about Tourismo PH below: 



He continues to say that if we had to look back around 20 years ago, one region in the Philippines had around 7,000 people, and now it houses around 60,000 people, generating 60 billion pesos a year for the local and national government. He continued to say how tourism contributed 3.9 trillion pesos in 2019, making it the second largest industry in the country. 

This is where Tourismo comes in, to provide an end-to-end solution to both our local and foreign tourist, by providing them the possibility to book their transportation, by land, air or sea, their hotel, their travel guide and even their language translator. All of this one can do from the platform. So much so, that even if let's say one books a hotel from the platform, and then decides he wants a translator during his or her stay, that person can ask the concierge, and the concierge will book him a translator using the platform itself as well. 

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