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What is Making Roulette So Popular with Millennials?

How the younger generation is embracing roulette

“We are seeing that our roulette players’ age is skewing a bit younger. So we are seeing an increase in volume and also a decrease in the age of the demographic playing it.....I see them all the time, having a few drinks and powering up on the roulette table.”

Those words, spoken by Rob Cinelli, Las Vegas Sands Corp.’s senior vice president of casino operations, in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, summed up how roulette is seemingly being embraced by the younger generation.

Roulette saw revenue boost in last couple of years

sigma igaming What is Making Roulette So Popular with Millennials?After a couple of down years in terms of revenue, roulette had a bit of a jump in 2016 and 2017. Some of that growth is being attributed to the growth in popularity among the younger generation. But what are the reasons behind this? And, are we able to provide more than idle speculation on the matter? Indeed, it would be interesting to learn if this sort of move towards roulette is being replicated in the iGaming sphere.

One of the main areas speculated about for roulette’s resurgence among young people is the fact that there is no strategy required. We have seen evidence that there is a decline in poker revenue that could suggest that games of pure chance sit better with millennials.

Quick-fire nature of roulette can appeal to young players

sigma igaming What is Making Roulette So Popular with Millennials?Indeed, as Cinelli suggested in his interview, there could be something to the casual nature of roulette that draws in younger players. The idea is that you play a few rounds, perhaps aiming for a couple of big wins, then hit the nightclubs and bars. Poker, blackjack and, sometimes, slots can require a lot more patience and long sittings.

There is also the argument that millennials can have a more emotional attachment to playing the game, putting faith in lucky numbers and similar superstition ahead of the strategies used for other games. The idea of betting on one quick round of roulette with a lucky number might be more appealing to a millennial than hours of strategizing in a game of poker.


Faith in ‘lucky numbers’ will ensure roulette remains popular

Of course, lucky numbers in gaming are not solely the purview of millennials. The blog and news section for the Betway Insider recently surveyed over 2000 people about their relationship with lucky numbers, putting it into the context of cultural and historical precedent. It’s a compelling read for anyone interested in how and why we choose specific numbers in gaming.

The truth is that it’s difficult to get reliable data on how millennials are playing casino games, online or elsewhere. It’s not as if pit bosses are recording the dates of birth of everyone playing at a roulette table, or online casinos are suddenly releasing figures on everyone who plays roulette under the age of 40. But it is perhaps something that the iGaming industry should be looking at. If there is a sudden change in the habits of players, the industry will need to find out why it is happening.

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