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Why VIP hospitality is your best retention strategy

The chain is not stronger than its weakest link; so many claim. This is true for hospitality and over the top service. VIP hospitality is all about going that extra mile for a client, to present something he didn’t expect, hopefully cementing a long and healthy relationship moving forward. In gaming, most operators are quite run-of-the-mill and do little, if anything at all, to stand out. Few companies seem to understand customer hospitality well enough to invest in it properly.

Let’s look at this from a customer’s point of view. He signed up at Unibet and not Ladbrokes through a series of random events related to marketing campaigns by Unibet, which happened to attract this particular customer to sign up. Is this customer tied to this operator? Probably not. He most likely feels comfortable with the software and the navigation of the site, which is the reason he continues as a customer. But what if another operator offers a great bonus? In many cases, the customer doesn’t have any problem to learn how to navigate a new site when presented with a great offer. This is where hospitality comes into the picture.

Hospitality towards the VIP segment is by far the most cost efficient retention strategy that prevents rival operators from stealing the customer with, for instance, cliché sign up bonuses. Hospitality doesn’t have to be expensive at all. What’s most important is not the experience, but rather the personal bond which is created between customer and brand. This bonding experience is what creates brand loyalty, which, if done right, increases a player’s life cycle dramatically. Hence the necessity for a good VIP team, with employees who can connect with customers on a personal level both on and offline. It’s basic human psychology. A cash bonus is only a number in front of a screen, but an experience involves powerful emotions. During Christmas, would you rather receive a personal gift worth €20, or a €50 note?

At Ambassadör Events we fully understand the value of these experiences and we always try to tailor our events to meet the unique and challenging requirements, whoever the client. For SiGMA, we are looking forward to organize an official party extraordinaire because we understand that a lot of business during such conferences is also done outside the main hall.

We are creating a unique networking-partying combo that will most likely result in a number of dynamite business relationships weeks, months and years down the line. We can’t wait to see you there on the first of November at The Westin Pavilion!

Find more info about the event here

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