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Wink Slots Celebrating Three Years of Success

As Wink Slots approaches its third birthday, what can we learn from their success?

Wink Slots celebrates its third birthday this year, and we couldn’t be more excited, but what can we take away from the success of this popular provider?

It’s time to celebrate an important birthday. One of our favourite online casino providers turns three this year, and as the date approaches, we’re more than ready to break out the cake. However, it’s crucial to take a serious look back on the early history and development of this venue and see how they’ve advanced as an entity. In this way, we can learn all we can from their success and even the development of the industry.

Developing & Progressing with the Times
In the summer of 2016, a new online provider began its ascent to online-slot stardom. This relatively new but already fierce competitor in the online casino world was Wink Slots, an adventurous yet unassuming venue that has skyrocketed in popularity during the past three years. The site began its journey as a companion to its sister site Wink Bingo but grew up quickly in this competitive world to emerge as a resounding success all on its own.

Wink Slots had an edge up as the sister site to an already established venue but didn’t ride on any coattails. An extensive development process coupled with constant improvements has kept the site clean, safe and modern throughout its short life, and the future seems to hold only good things. Over time, Wink Slots has secured a place in the slot hall of fame through progressive upgrades and consumer-geared programs.

They use a combination of good deals, new installations and fresh, evergreen content to connect with users — as well as a bit of fun, cheeky attitude. They’ve developed their brand fantastically, creating an online persona that users connect with on a deeper level. That makes them a go-to choose for their crowd, but they haven’t stopped there. Changing and growing with the times, Wink Slots has continued to develop their brand for a wider audience while still retaining a base of loyal customers.

Andy Rice explains why brand personality is imperative to any business hoping to stand out in today’s marketing world.
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Modern Selection, Rewards and Beyond

So, what is it about Wink Slots that tickles the fancy of online players in the U.K. and beyond? The wealth of options available as well as the development of modern applications and player rewards have all played their part in this story of success.

As the iGaming industry grows by leaps and bounds, so does our understanding of what players want and the techniques to give it to them. As of now, they care about the experience, convenience, rewards and options — which this provider lays out in spades.

It’s also true that customer service matters now more than ever, especially in an industry that operates wholly online. There must be a service number available to call and discuss issues, and Wink Slots has one. It’s even free within the U.K. and operational until 2 a.m. For non-urgent services, customers have an email as well, which they answer within 72 hours. There’s also a general help page on the site, with a well-organised FAQ section to answer simple queries quickly.

Players can access customer service and other resources from their computer or phone, making Wink Slots a convenient and attractive choice.

They deliver on the other factors as well. Wink Slots has an enviable promotions page, outlining every way that players can take advantage of hot deals. Organised and updated regularly, these promotions keep everyone on their toes. New players are welcome to dive in with free spins and bonuses while those who remain loyal can take their pick of a variety of other fun promotions. One of the best parts about that is many of these rotate out with the changing seasons while some of them are permanent or semipermanent fixtures. Such provides the right mix of stability and excitement that players demand.

Furthermore, Wink Slots has a mobile-friendly user interface, allowing players on the go to access games whenever they want. They’re also equipped with over 300 slots games, arranged conveniently by type. So, players can browse by the newest, instant jackpots, progressives and can even get in on a wide selection of other games.

Wink Slots offers a wide variety of games for players to choose from, not only limited to slots — here you can see their extensive collection of live casino games.

Though slots are the most popular social casino game in the world, a smart venue knows that players crave variety. That’s why Wink Slots has other options for gamers to enjoy. Blackjack, roulette, poker and even baccarat are all available at the touch of a button. Wink Slots even supports some live versions of these games, allowing players into a real-world casino experience.

Extensive Resource Guides Engage Players
Of course, optimising a site with content is almost imperative to succeed today in the world of online marketing. The key is to publish brand-specific content that serves a real purpose to both the site and the player. In the case of online casino providers, it only makes sense to publish content about gaming and gamers, but modern sites do even more than that.

As the industry develops, progressive sites have begun to publish resources for players who want to delve deeper into the world of gaming and develop tactics to succeed. In that sense, we can all take a lesson from Wink Slots, which provides well-organised and comprehensive guides outlining several aspects of the game in an accessible manner easily. The critical takeaway here is the friendly yet contributive nature of their guides, which concentrate on giving the player real-world advice and links to other resources that newer gamers may not understand completely.

The guides give the site credibility as a player-focused resource while highlighting its functionality. The magazine section is extensive and focused mainly on slots, with a few other fun informational articles as well. Such provides an excellent mix of entertainment and educational material, which players can browse at their leisure whenever they feel unsure or curious.

So, what matters most to consumers? Customer experience, convenience, innovation and customer service. Wink Slots delivers across the board.

Wink Slots has become a veritable library of data on everything from slot machine strategies to terminology to odds and outcomes. Meanwhile, fun articles peppered throughout make it an interesting read.

Such serves to highlight the Wink Slots brand and develop its personality, but it also ensures that players enjoy staying on the site. They stay engaged because they get something out of it. That coupled with easy-to-navigate pages, interesting visuals and noteworthy customer service all serve to contribute to the most important aspect of the site: A customer experience that blows users out of the water.

What does the future have in store?
As 2019 progresses, the customers are more important than ever before. It’s clear that Wink Slots commits to providing an online experience unlike any other, but this year brings along with many new CRM challenges, which they must address. Emerging trends in the industry, new technology and the constantly evolving craft of data collection and utilisation all make the road to successful customer relationship management hard to navigate.

However, Wink Slots has proven themselves a fierce fighter in a much larger playing field. This year, they’ll innovate with the best of them, continuing the evolve and grow as the brand and the technology that powers it progresses.

Such is possible in part because Wink Slots and its sister site Wink Bingo are both owned by 888 Holdings, one of the biggest iGaming companies in the world that powers several large casino brands. Growing consistently and even being one of the lucky few to break into the emerging U.S. market, 888 is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. That gives Wink Slots a leg up for the future and coupled with their ingenious in-house management team it’s a recipe for success.

So, what have we learned from three years of slot success with Wink Slots? Firstly, customisable options to every facet of a players’ interest are essential. More is always better when it comes to casino game selection. Constant updates and modernisation play a key role, as does brand development and personality. Finally, convenience is vital to success, so take every step to provide an easy, fast and enjoyable user experience. This provider never stops evolving to suit its audience, and we can expect a stellar year in 2019.


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