Oct 8 / 2018
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Wiraya holds CX event

CX event to enlighten iGaming industry

Wiraya is holding a first-class CX event based at the esteemed Hilton Hotel in Portomaso. From 4 pm to 11 pm On October 10th, attendees will be able to enjoy a conference based on the intrinsic role that customer experience plays in the iGaming industry.

As the iGaming industry matures, the market is faced with greater competition and stronger regulations. An increasing number of directives covering anti-laundering, licensing and GDPR, together with the reduced ability to promote free-spins and bonuses is changing the industry as we know it, brands are seriously under threat. Wiraya maintains that improved CX can combat this threat and therefore is the iGaming industry’s most important competitive advantage.

SiGMA iGaming Wiraya holds CX event
Wiraya is evolving how customer experience is perceived in the iGaming industry.

Competition is fierce and it’s getting harder and harder to get attention and loyalty from players. The average attention span of players is approximately 8 seconds and blindly spamming is simply no longer effective. The rules of play are about to change. The winners will be those who realise that customer experience is the only competitive advantage.

Wiraya has the facts to back up their belief. According to their website, www.wiraya.com, businesses focusing on customer experience can increase revenue by 5-10%. Additionally, brands that prioritise CX can reduce costs by 15-25% within 2-3 years. Furthermore, within 2 years, 81% of companies will compete mostly, or completely, on the basis of CX.

The strategic event showcases how CX transforms business challenges to their advantage. The workshop amalgamates a variety of industry leaders and peers to discuss the evolving landscape of the iGaming industry. Moreover, all B2C iGaming CX leaders are granted free access to the workshop.

The event will be followed by a drinks reception and VIP area at Tiffany Champagne & Wine Bar in St. Julian’s.

Wiraya is a managed mobile customer activation software that dramatically improves customer experience KPIs. It uses data-driven insights to generate the optimum blend of voice, text and mobile messaging to inspire action from customers.

Check out our latest events in the videos below:

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