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Women in Congo are turning to betting to battle financial woes

Many businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic and women are turning to the male dominant market as a source of income

It is safe to say that the situation this year took many businesses by surprise. Many businesses are having to adapt to new norms that this pandemic has brought upon us. Many companies have had to shift focus to doing business online and unfortunately, some have died out.

A Congolese woman, based in Pointe – Noire, Congo, found herself in the same predicament when she had to shut down her banana trading business and went bankrupt as a result.
The pharmacy graduate, Geordine Bikindou decided to take up betting after she explained her financial woes to a friend, and the friend advised her to take up betting.

''I thought I could do something else. And I have a sister who plays sports betting who advised me to play as well. And the first time I played, I won an € 89 ticket and since that day I've had a knack for it'', she told Africa News' Erika Jocia Macket.

Another woman, Charlene Matongo, a bettor, has relaunched the business, after successfully placing a bet of 0.92 cents and in turn won €230. 

This winning gave her inspiration to launch her business in betting.
africa mobileAccording to her, ''this game helps me a lot in these times of pandemic. In spite of the difficult situation, I had taken the risk of betting 0.92 cents and I had won 230 euros. This money enabled me to advance my work and to make some provisions",

Women currently make up 15% of registered bettors in Congo even though it is a male dominated industry, more women are looking to dap into it.


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