World's favourite video game characters

Mazuma conduct search online to see which video game characters are the world's ultimate favourites

In the latter half of the 20th century and the past twenty years, video games have dominated the world of entertainment, arts and general hobbies. Some characters came and went, but others are now a deep part of the pop cultural fabric and they have become immortal in their own way. 

A recent study online was trying to find which are these characters that stuck the most based on the number of times it was searched online. Here is a list of the top ten. 


10. Mewtwo (Pokémon)

With 5,959,000 searches, Mewto is one of the coolest creatures from the Pokemon franchise, so it is no surprise that we find him here. Check out Vela Gaming's Pokémon-themed slot called Pokémon Run which they released in 2019!



9. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)9

The highly intelligent and athletic British archaeologist is one of those ultimate characters that dominated the noughties. She was and remains the most famous female video game character of all time, generating 6,546,000 searches. Check out a classic MicroGaming's Tomb Raider slot which they released back in 2004!


8-18. Luigi (Super Mario)

Definitely not as famous as his brother, the Luigi character from the Super Mario franchise still makes it to the top ten, with 7,138,000. You can enter the Super Mario world with X Play's Mario World slot which they released in 2019. 



7. Yoshi (Super Mario)7

Yet another Super Mario franchise character, the fictional dinosaur appears in the series as the sidekick and ride of the brothers, most particularly of the man himself. The number of generated searches for him amounted to 7,569,000. 


6-16. Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)

One of the millenial generation's most beloved individuals of the digital world. Crash Bandicoot remains one of the PlayStation consoles' most favourite character, cracking up the players since his first appearance in 1996. The most famous bandicoot of the world generated up to 8,085,000 searches. 


55. Kirby (Kirby)

From the series of the same name this character is definitely one of nintendo's most famous icons, especially with his power-mimicking  superpower, the pink little ball generated up to 8,526,000 searches. 



4. Mario (Super Mario)4-4

He's finally here! The most famous face with a mustache for the millenial generation has to be Mario himself. The legendary character united around 5 generations of gamers together ever since his debut in 1981! The world-famous character generated around 23,680,000 searches. Check out the Super Mario world with X Play's Mario World slot which they released in 2019. 


3. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)3-Oct-13-2020-12-32-06-19-PM

The blue anthropomorphic hedgehog has been running around arcade screens since 1991, and yet there are endless games, series  and movies about him! The world's favourite blue hedgehog generated around 38,440,000 searches. 


2. Pikachu (Pokémon)2-Oct-13-2020-12-32-16-61-PM

Pikachu is easily one of the most recognizable symbols in the world at this point, especially after the crazed Pokémon GO times of 2016, when the whole world went searching for Pokemons in real life! But here's we're focusing on one of the main and most lovable characters generating 41,200,000 searches! 



1. Pac-Man (Pac-Man) 1-Oct-13-2020-12-32-07-75-PM

No introductions needed here. The world's most famous character from video games, makes the video game itself the most famous video game of all time. Pac-Man remains a classic for all, not just gamers. Everyone has moved the crazed round figure around the neon-blue-lit maze and loved every single minute of it as the pressure increases! The iconic character generated around 53,100,000 searches! Check out Pac-Man slot game by Triple Profits Games which they released in 2020. 


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