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yalla Startup: The Social Sports Betting App

SiGMA catches up with the team behind yalla

yalla is a startup whose app connects friends, allowing them to bet on sports for fun or real money. With yalla, you can also chat with your friends, improve your statistics, and track your gains and losses. yalla is one of the companies taking part in the upcoming SiGMA Startup Pitch.


What is your company’s unique differentiating idea?


yalla app

We are different in the way we are thinking about the betting experience as social. First, we are democratizing betting by letting users doing bets with each others, contrary to bookmakers. Our users don’t bet alone facing interfaces similar to trading desk. Moreover, send a bet with yalla is very simple and intuitive, it only takes few seconds.

To keep it easy we don’t use odds and let user choose among simple issues like victory/draw/defeat. Then, because it’s a game, it has to be fun. That’s why we provide fun features (fun stakes, statistics, possibility to claim a stake you won, a chat, etc.). And finally, there is no risk. Our users always have a choice to honour a lost bet or only bet for fun. It’s very convenient for neophytes, who want to take the time to understand the betting process before engaging themselves with real money. And because you have a choice whither to pay or not, there is no gambling consideration.

What differentiates you from your competitors? Specifically, what do you provide that is currently not available in the market or how do you differ from your competitors?

Despite the presence of historical competitors (gambling operators) and new ones with a social dimension, yalla steps out with :

– a social, simple and multisports offer.

– a safe concept for our users. Indeed, everyone can decide to bet for fun or real money.

– an engaging interface, user friendly, fun and interactive (statistics, chat, ranking, etc).

What milestones or tangible traction have you achieved to date? 

We started working on yalla in the beginning of 2016 and here is what we achieve so far:

– 2016:

  • Launch of the website
  • A Facebook page with 3 00 fans, Twitter with 1000 followers, Instagram with 2000 followers
  • A blog on Medium
  • User testing and launch of a MVP (iOS version) on the Apple Sto

– 2017:

  • Launch of a V2 of the app in the Apple Store with a new design and new features
  • Video promotion
  • Invitation by PMU, one of the biggest gambling operator in Europe, to Vivatechnology 2017 taking place in Paris.

– Expected to launch in 2017

  • An Androïd version
  • New features to enhance betting experience
  • Integration of a financial provider to take a commission on bets.

    Meet the team behind yalla

Please explain your objectives for participating in SIGMA Pitch Event.

Participating in SiGMA Pitch Event is a unique opportunity for us to demonstrate the gaming industry how our company is aiming to revolutionize the betting experience. We will show what we’ve built to others and what are our objectives with yalla. This will enable us to receive feedback and discover how we are perceived. We want to meet startups from the industry to understand the ecosystem better, maybe find partnerships and discuss new ideas. This event will also allow us to meet investors with a specific interest in our business, which is one of our main aims in order to raise money in the best conditions.

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