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Yggdrasil assembles high-voltage slot

Yggdrasil invites players to try their luck in a world of mechanical mayhem in its new video slot, Wild Robo Factory

This 4x5 game takes place in a dark factory, where 12 motorised servants are driven wild at the production line under the command of quirky robots.

Encountering a Wild Robot on the conveyor belt brings big rewards, as these robots can be stacked, carrying multipliers, or help players trigger free spins. A small spark can transform some of the players’ lower paying symbols into higher paying ones to guarantee a bigger win. With all these wild features, players are in for an electrifying experience and plenty of wins.

Wild Robo Factory Wild Robo Factory.

When three or more Free Spin symbols land in a single turn, players are sent down into the factory basement in the Free Spin Mode where they can play as long as they have robots moving on the conveyor belt. Sometimes the system overloads, forcing the robots to reverse back onto the game screen, where players benefit from them a second time.

Jonas Strandman, Senior Product Strategist at Yggdrasil, said: “Wild Robo Factory is a highly original addition to our portfolio, packed with unique features and game mechanics.

“The Free Spins have some serious win potential if you get big robots, system overloads or re-triggers.

“As with all Yggdrasil slot titles, Wild Robo Factory comes complete with our collection of in-game promotional tools, BOOST, and we look forward to seeing how it is received by our partners.”

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