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Yggdrasil’s Jungle Books slot to be released on September 20

Based on Rudyard Kiplings The Jungle Book, Yggdrasil Gaming, a developer of online and mobile casino games, will launch its new slot, Yggdrasil’s new Jungle Books on September 20. The popular Jungle Book is a compilation of stories about an abandoned child, called Mowgli, which gets raised by his friends and wolves. Inspired by the famous stories, the players of Yggdrasil’s Jungle Books will be taken on exciting adventures through the jungle.

Within this game, players will get to know to Fusion Realms, a revolutionary new mechanic, which smoothly mixes reel structures and different features into a single frame. Yggdrasil’s ground-breaking technology enables the game’s five adventurous characters to wander about many various reel sets and to try individual feature combinations. Characters are not only the host of their individual realm but also have the possibility to visit realms of other characters and to create different feature combinations. Whilst, in their own dimension, players get rewarded by the the characters with two bonus features.

Since Yggdrasil new slot, possesses 45 possible combinations of features, The Jungle Book is considered as his biggest and most exciting game yet. To achieve the biggest outcomes players can combine their own features as well as guest features.
Mowgli, who has been brought up by wolves in the jungle, the tiger Shere Khan, the black panther Bagheera, the bear Baloo and the python Kaa are the five dimensions, 58-69 payline slots. Everyone of these characters has two particular bonus features, which are active while they are acting as a host in their own respective realm.Other characters can join the host’s dimension at any point, and if they do so, bring one of their respective bonus features with them. Then for at least three spins the guest stays in the host’s dimension.

The realms change periodically. The host of the dimension that was visited the last, turns into a guest for the new realm. In case of a guest currently being on visit while the realms switch, the new dimension can not be the one of the present guest and has to be one of a different character instead.

After the game will be launched on iSense2.0+, a new and recently improved HTML client framework, Players will be able to play The Jungle Book on all suitable devices along with smartphones, notebooks and tablets.

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