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Registration Form Terms & Conditions:

General 一般

The terms and conditions below shall apply upon subscription, free or otherwise, to SiGMA’s online portal. Please review these T&Cs before subscribing.
以下条款和条件适用于免费订阅或以其他方式订阅SiGMA在线门户。 订阅前请先阅读这些条款和条件。

VikingPCHealth retains full ownership of (referred to as ‘The Website’) and SiGMAgazine (‘The Publication’) and all original content produced therein. Any of the T&Cs may be amended at any time, without advance notice. Your continued use of The Website or subscription to The Publication will be taken as assent to any such changes.
VikingPCHealth保留称为“网站”)和SiGMAgazine(“出版物”)以及其中产生的所有原始内容的全部所有权。 任何条款和条件均可随时修改,恕不另行通知。 您继续使用本网站或订阅该出版物将被视为同意进行任何此类更改。

Advice/ Solicitation 咨询/征集

Under no circumstances will The Website, The Publication, or any information contained therein constitute a solicitation to buy or sell any investment, or advice of a financial/professional nature. The Publication, The Website or any parts thereof may not be redistributed or disseminated without permission.
在任何情况下,网站,出版物或其中包含的任何信息均不构成买卖任何投资或财务/专业性质建议的诱因。 未经许可,不得重新分发或传播本出版物,网站或其任何部分。

Registration 注册

Upon registration of your name and email contact info on the Website, you are assenting to email communication from SiGMA on related products and services. Should you want to opt out of this, you are requested to contact: [email protected]
在网站上注册您的姓名和电子邮件联系信息后,即表示您同意SiGMA通过电子邮件与相关产品和服务进行通信。 如果您想退出,请联系:[email protected]

Registration for SiGMA events will entail receiving invites and newsletter information relevant to those events from the organiser, without prejudice to the rights of the user or delegate under data protection and privacy legislation.

Upon registration to SiGMA, attendance may be announced in the Attendee List on the website.

In purchasing or subscribing for tickets, you consent to be placed on a contact list that will allow us or our partners to contact with you with information that may be useful or relevant to you. Should you then want to opt out of this, you are requested to contact: [email protected]
在购买或订购机票时,您同意被放置在联系人列表中,该列表将使我们或我们的合作伙伴可以与您联系,提供对您有用或相关的信息。 然后,如果您想退出,请联系:[email protected]

We reserve the right to refuse anyone, for any reason, registration, tickets or attendance to our event.


You agree to notify us of any changes to your personal circumstances with respect to any information or representation made herein and to provide us with any changes to this information as we may reasonably require.

By your continued use of The Website and subscription to The Publication, you commit to inform us of any changes in your personal profile, and any information or representation made on the Website or the Publication.

Ownership and Copyright

Unless clearly stated otherwise, SiGMA retains the copyright on all the content on The Website and The Publication. This content will include: text, information, graphics, code, and design. None of this content should be copied, reproduced or disseminated without permission.
除非另有明确说明,否则SiGMA保留“网站”和“出版物”上所有内容的版权。 该内容将包括:文本,信息,图形,代码和设计。 未经允许,不得复制,复制或传播这些内容。

Contract formation

Upon registration to the Website or subscription to the Publication, you enter a legally binding contract with SiGMA. We reserve the right to withhold our services in part, or to deny your application in its entirety.
注册网站或订阅出版物后,您与SiGMA签订具有法律约束力的合同。 我们保留部分保留我们的服务或完全拒绝您的申请的权利。

Refund Policy

All ticket purchases and registrations, regardless of event, venue, conference, workshops or other activity, are non-refundable. No exchanges are possible; all sales are final. Due to the nature of the events business we are unable to offer any ticket exchange facility. If an event or an event session is rescheduled, your ticket will remain valid for the rescheduled event or event session, as appropriate.
所有门票购买和注册,无论活动,地点,会议,研讨会或其他活动如何,均不予退还。 不能交换; 所有的销售都是最终的。 由于活动业务的性质,我们无法提供任何票务交换设施。 如果事件或事件会话已重新安排,则您的票证将对重新安排的事件或事件会话保持有效(视情况而定)。

Press Releases

Please send all press releases to [email protected] SiGMA retains full editorial control over any content published in its media. Press releases are subject to a review and editing process before publication. A full complement of contact information must be included in any press release.
请将所有新闻稿发送至[email protected]。 SiGMA保留对其媒体上发布的任何内容的完全编辑控制。 新闻稿在发布之前必须经过审查和编辑。 任何新闻稿中都必须包含完整的联系信息。