Alpha Boot Camp – Previous editions – Buenos Aires

The organisers behind SiGMA are bridging the gap between continents and bringing some of the best suppliers in the business to meet with operators from all over the world. Stay tuned for more information about the second edition of Alpha Boot Camp.

What can we expect from the Alpha Boot Camp?

  1. AN ENTHRALLING CONFERENCE: We’re carefully carving out a number of interesting topics that will entice every operator in the room to enter the iGaming fray. Quality, engaging content alongside an unparalleled opportunity for networking is what we do best.
  2. TOP-NOTCH ENTERTAINMENT: We’re gone all out for our debut event – with an array of exciting opportunities lined up, getting the work-play balance just right. Have no doubt: this intimate setting will pave the way for some solid business relationships to flourish.
  3. LOCATION:  We always manage to find the right place for our events, on time and on target. The Alpha Boot Camp’s first edition consisted of enticing content and leisurely networking. We’re sure to top that for our second edition.